Taking Gas Safety Very Seriously

We are in the midst of a tremendously difficult winter period.  Very cold winters causes folk to try to cheat the system and get something for nothing.  We are thinking of gas supplies . . . .  There have been some very serious incidents of late where men – and it is a man thing – will, perhaps out of need for heat/cooking, or just for greed purposes, try to tap into the gas main to divert it from a meter system so they can have free gas without cost – moneywise.  This is absolutely illegal and extremely dangerous.  Many of these have done it ‘successfully’ but then there being no safety valves or protection, a build  up of gas so often explodes with tragic concequences.  Having safe, reliable gas supply provided by companies with extremely well trained engineers a very great benefit of living in this country – sometimes thought of as a nanny state, but by golly, I applaud us for that!  When moving a kitchen about the gas cooker and boiler must be connected and checked by a properly trained engineer.  No short cuts, no freebies.  For everyone’s sake.