Rogue Cowboys Still Causing Gas Mayhem

This is just the time of  year when extra care has to be taken with gas boilers.   There is far less danger these days from faulty gas pipes and supplies in this country.  Although we do tend to take the subject of safety rather  seriously, with health and safety particlarly taking over our lives, it does mean that life is very much safer for all.   Of course there will always be the rogue cowboy out there who flouts the law and works without training, knowledge, respect for his community, and very seriously, insurance.   Every gas engineer has to be fully trained in every aspect of gas supply safety.  The pressures are critical – a low pressure in one person’s pipework can often be the cause of a build up down the line elsewhere and one false or dodgy connection can be the cause of catastrophic explosions.  There are regrettably far too many cheap looking houses and flats totally destroyed as a result of gas explosions.   When the inquests or public enquiry is broadcast, 99/9% of the blame is found to be fimly at the door of a cowboy contractor or householder who is trying to couple up to an illegal gas supply to defraud the authority of rightful money.