Reliable Domestic Hot Water Supply Essential

My neighbours have had a rum time of it almost since they movd in exactly a  year ago.  Almost everything that could go wrong has done so and I feel so sorry for them.  The latest upheaval has been the domestic hot water system to the showers in both bathrooms and the ensuite.   They have a household of 4 adults so obviously plenty of water is needed at certain times of the day.   Apparently their water pressure has been bad since day one and it’s just gradually got worse until no water feed at all.   After they researched all possible causes and rectifying methods online, they eventually had to succumb and get a heating and water expert in to look at the whole caboodle.  The guy they bought the house from seems to have used a diverting system to save water – I recall him mentioning this over the years.  The expert found damage beyond economic repair had occured so he suggested various options.  The selected remedy incorporates a pressurised tank that feeds the showers and bath with plenty of hot water for showers at any time of day.  Hurrah.