P)ressures On Gas Supplies Creating Waves

Oh my  word we have some fun and games in store for those of us on gas supplies.  There has been one national problem after another this last two years.  The fall out over the bredit vote, then immediately we ran into coronavirus, which turned into covid19 and although we’re supposed to be getting back to normal, whatever that ever was, we now have the Ukrainian war crisis.  Because a lot of the West’s oil and gas come from Russian stocks, the supplies could come to sudden end if any country takes too much issue with them for their invasion tactics.   The political situation is causing the price of our domestic gas and electricity to shoot through the roof and we only buy a small percentage of utilities from that source.  There does seem to be a problem with the energy cap that the government allowed and now the prices are rising beyond expectations.   Time for newer more economic heating and cooking means to be sourced.