Not Just One Solitary Gas Supply Route

In the UK we get our gas supplies from a variety of sources to ensure we are not beholden to just one route or one supplier.  The majority of our gas, around 40%,  is supplied via North and Irish sea production.   However, this supply is now declining and we thus have to rley on importing the rest of our gas from all over the world – for example from continental Europe and Norway.    Portable liquefied natural gas is shipped to UK from all around the world.      We have the UK-Belgium interonnector which runs between Norfolk and Zeebrugge, connecting Britain to the main European gas network.    This pipeline is bidirectional which means it can import to UK and also export to mainland Europe – depending entirely on supply and demand and relative prices.   There is also the UK-Netherlands pipeline which runs to the Norfolk refinery, enjoying import capcity of 14.2 bcm a year.    The same import capacity of 14.2 bcm, applies to the Vesterled pipline link connecting St. Fergus in Scotland to several Norwegian gasfields.  So several bases are well and truly covered here!