Landlords Responsible For Tenant Safety

With the cost of gas and electricity for heating and water, it can be very tempting to try diverting the chargeable energy source via a home made system to bypass the ‘expensive’ mains.  There have sadly been many examples of folk tampering with domestic mains systems and being killed or very seriously injured when a gas leak occurs or a spark from an acetalyn welder sets off a chain of explosions.  Gas is a fantastic product when used correctly, but it is dangerous and potentially lethal.  If  you are having a boiler or cooker repaired it must be done by a full qualified engineer.    It is so tempting for the budding DIY enthusiast to ‘have a go’ at changing a wall gas heater or water heater.  Landlords can sometimes find it irksome to have to get a proper engineer in but they are legally responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all gas appliances in their properties and must undertake safety checks every 12 months – these are by law to be carried out by a fully safe registered engineer.  The tenant is supposed to get a copy of the safety report within 28 days of the inspection – essential for their peace of mind!