Keeping Project On The Straight & Narrow

I’m surrounded by folk extending their houses . . .  and each one includes a new kitchen and utility room and funnily enough, each is having a replacement boiler.   I know for sure that my immediate neighbours are going through the proper channels – they have a young project manager, independent of the architect and builder who’s hot as mustard on ensuring that correct processes adhered to.  I heard him having an fairly animated discussion with one of the onsite contractors about how soon this or that can be completed.  This PM was holding his own despite a barrage of  pleas to cut this corner or that.  There seems to have been a bit of a hitch with some of the pipework and he very correctly insisted on waiting for the proper qualified contractor to come back on site to complete the task.  As he was overheard pointing out, it’s not only his job that’s on the line if something goes wrong, it’s peoples’ lives and they matter more than saving a couple of expensive days.