Gas Is So Still So Versatile For Cooking

It’s been a busy last few months whilst my neighbours have been having a large kitchen extension built.  Because of the global pandemic there has been a dramatic rise in the number of folk wanting to work on their properties whilst they can’t go out to work in the usual way.  This has brought about an amazing rise in the home rebuild sector of the market and a consequent shortage of major parts.  My neighbour has had to wait many more weeks for the completion of the cooking equipment because at the planning phase of the project way back at christmas 2019, before any of this nightmare arose, they happily chose a gas hob from a German supplier – it was going to be a fantastic six burner affair with one of those being the larger wok spot in the centre as they love stir fry meals.    This marvel of invention has now been installed – beautifully manufactured of course.  With the best of British in the gas supply installed by fully qualified staff.  Gas is so versatile for speedy heating up and instant reduction.