Ensuring You Check That Gasman’s Credentials

As we all know, the standards of our gas supplies and engineering are absolutely second to none in the UK.  There is such a high regard for safety that it can sometimes seem rather a fuss made but gas needs this amount of safety – one slip and the results can, and often are tragially fatal.  Unlike choosing a builder or diy jobber, any work inolving gas must carry a Gas Safe ID card.  Wheneer an engineer is present for your job to quote or work, ask to see this card, check and check again.  A legitimate engineer will never take offence and should encourage you to do this.

.  Have they plenty of experience – in particular, relevant to your project.

.  Ask them for a very detailed quotation from everyone you’re looking at and never choose anyone who asks   for huge part or full payment up front.

.  It’s imperative to ask each tradesman to explain what work needs doing and how they intend to carry it out.   Ask who will actually be carrying out the work if it’s not the estimator who comes to site.

Once satisfied with your choice, good luck with that project!