Changes To Our Domestic Boilers & Gas Usage

We’ve recently endured the massively overhyped climate change conference, where we had world leaders all flying in to Scotland with massive security teams and gas guzzling SUVs by the dozen.  This does rather make a mockery of the whole exercise which is to encourage governments of every nation to look at our wastage of resources and how we are wrecking the planet.  This is mostly through excessive burning of fossil fuels to run industry and homes.   The erosion of the ozone layer is now dangerously evident.  We in this country are now being told we won’t be able to buy gas boilers as they are today in just a few short years time.    There will also be restrictions on other forms of water heating systems.   I’m not sure why we don’t all have solar panels – maybe that would have helped ease our problems some years ago.  Our plumbing and gas heating systems will have to be altered if the pipework requirements change to accommodate different forms of power.  There are many things in the pipeline which may come as a surprise when we eventually know where we’re going with this.