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Reliable Domestic Hot Water Supply Essential

My neighbours have had a rum time of it almost since they movd in exactly a  year ago.  Almost everything that could go wrong has done so and I feel so sorry for them.  The latest upheaval has been the domestic hot water system to the showers in both bathrooms and the ensuite.   They have a household of 4 adults so obviously plenty of water is needed at certain times of the day.   Apparently their water pressure has been bad since day one and it’s just gradually got worse until no water feed at all.   After they researched all possible causes and rectifying methods online, they eventually had to succumb and get a heating and water expert in to look at the whole caboodle.  The guy they bought the house from seems to have used a diverting system to save water – I recall him mentioning this over the years.  The expert found damage beyond economic repair had occured so he suggested various options.  The selected remedy incorporates a pressurised tank that feeds the showers and bath with plenty of hot water for showers at any time of day.  Hurrah.

Ensuring You Check That Gasman’s Credentials

As we all know, the standards of our gas supplies and engineering are absolutely second to none in the UK.  There is such a high regard for safety that it can sometimes seem rather a fuss made but gas needs this amount of safety – one slip and the results can, and often are tragially fatal.  Unlike choosing a builder or diy jobber, any work inolving gas must carry a Gas Safe ID card.  Wheneer an engineer is present for your job to quote or work, ask to see this card, check and check again.  A legitimate engineer will never take offence and should encourage you to do this.

.  Have they plenty of experience – in particular, relevant to your project.

.  Ask them for a very detailed quotation from everyone you’re looking at and never choose anyone who asks   for huge part or full payment up front.

.  It’s imperative to ask each tradesman to explain what work needs doing and how they intend to carry it out.   Ask who will actually be carrying out the work if it’s not the estimator who comes to site.

Once satisfied with your choice, good luck with that project!



Landlords Responsible For Tenant Safety

With the cost of gas and electricity for heating and water, it can be very tempting to try diverting the chargeable energy source via a home made system to bypass the ‘expensive’ mains.  There have sadly been many examples of folk tampering with domestic mains systems and being killed or very seriously injured when a gas leak occurs or a spark from an acetalyn welder sets off a chain of explosions.  Gas is a fantastic product when used correctly, but it is dangerous and potentially lethal.  If  you are having a boiler or cooker repaired it must be done by a full qualified engineer.    It is so tempting for the budding DIY enthusiast to ‘have a go’ at changing a wall gas heater or water heater.  Landlords can sometimes find it irksome to have to get a proper engineer in but they are legally responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all gas appliances in their properties and must undertake safety checks every 12 months – these are by law to be carried out by a fully safe registered engineer.  The tenant is supposed to get a copy of the safety report within 28 days of the inspection – essential for their peace of mind!

Annual Contracts Ensure Gas Heating Safety

There’s nothing nicer on a freezing cold day than to be able to get back home to a cosy warm house.  Knowing that the heating will be on and working safely and correctly is one of the funadmentals of life!  With so many new gizmos on the market these days too, we can all sit at work and reset the temperature at home and get it to come on when we want.  However to be able to use these wifi based tools, we need to be certain the heating system is maintained well and is running absolutely at its peak.  The only way to ensure this is to have a properly, legally qualified and experienced gas engineer call to inspect and test the boiler and associated heating system and the plumbing that is needed to facilitate it.  We’ve had an annual contract for the twenty years we’ve been in this house and it’s one saving I would never make – I can call the company 24 hours a day if there’s anything at all causing me concern.   This is so reassuring and although I’ve not needed to try out their emergency response, I feel sure that as a regular and long term customer, I would indeed get their very best service.